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Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Joe from Middletown, you're on the FAN"

As I sat in the Shea parking lot last night during the rain delay, a voice of reason came on the radio to assure me that the game would eventually be played. No, it wasn't Steve Somers, who was hosting the rain delay show. It was "Joe from Middletown", who apparently was a meteorology major at Fairleigh Dickinson, and therefore an expert on last night's storm. Joe's call went something like this:

"Hey Steve, I gotta tell ya, I've been sitting here watching the Doppler radar, and this game is gonna be played, sometime around 9:15. It's gonna let up, I guarantee it. Also, how about Scott Schoeneweis and Argenis Reyes for Jake Peavy? I think the Padres would do it."

Armed with Joe's guarantee, I decided to enter Shea around 8:30. The game was promptly canceled almost immediately upon getting to my seats in the upper deck. Oh well. It may be for the best, as I wouldn't want to see Johan Santana a) get injured on a wet mound or b) have to stop and start due to rain delays. Also, the scheduled Pedro Martinez hit parade has been replaced by the Jon Niese hit parade, as Niese will be starting the nightcap of today's doubleheader.

So Joe from Middletown, if you're out there - thanks for nothing!