Friday, February 6, 2009

Odalis Perez vs. Oliver Perez

I read on MLBTradeRumors that free agent lefty pitcher Odalis Perez signed a minor league deal with the Nationals, his 2008 team. Earlier this offseason, I suggested the Mets atleast consider him. Look at the following numbers, and tell me what seems strange:

That's right - Oliver Perez will make about $11 million more than Odalis. In 2008, Odalis was slightly more valuable than Ollie and projects to have just slightly less value next year. For once, the Nationals may have executed a steal of a signing. I'm not saying that I'd rather have Odalis over Ollie (I wouldn't), but it's amazing how a good agent and big city cache can artificially drive up a player's value in the free agent market.


Dan RN said...

Aren't we glad we didn't sign Sheets?

Mets Tailgate said...

Oh absolutely. That would've been a fiasco, but I imagine Sheets was not getting a deal anywhere before passing a thorough physical. Even I, one of the biggest opponents to signing Ollie for any more than $8 million a year, have to admit that the Ollie signings looks better after Sheets' issues.

Suggestion to throw out there - how about the Mets sign Sheets to a very cheap multi-year deal (say, 2-3 years at $2-3 million per) right now, with the expectation that he doesn't pitch in 2009 but comes back in 2010? This worked very well for the Cardinals and Chris Carpenter a few years back.

AndrewDeJo said...

I think the yankees did something similar with Jon Lieber that seemed to work well too.