Saturday, February 28, 2009

MLB Network at least has good taste in music

My last post criticized the MLB Network's on-air analysis, but the theme song for the network's "30 Teams in 30 Days" is excellent. It's "C'mon C'mon" by the Von Bondies, which is also the theme song of one of my favorite shows "Rescue Me." The actual program is decent, as it previews a major league team with interviews and analysis. The Mets version aired this past Tuesday, but you can re-watch it here pretty soon.

In other news, Johan Santana is experiencing some elbow stiffness. It's too early to panic about this, but it's definitely troublesome. Hopefully the Mets handle this better than they did Ryan Church's concussion problems last season.


Mike Newman said...

20+ new episodes of Rescue Me starting in April. I can't wait!

Mets Tailgate said...

Damn right Mike. Can't wait for Tommy Gavin and company to come back in April.

signals3_t5 said...

I Can't Wait For This Matches
Thanks for Sharing..

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