Saturday, January 31, 2009

Which Mets pitchers will elicit groans at Citi Field?

The collapse of the 2007 Mets caused fans to be impatient with the 2008 Mets pitching staff. Audible groans could be heard at Shea Stadium when Mets pitchers fell behind 2-0 or even 1-0 in the count, no matter the inning or situation. Let's take a look at the projected 2009 Mets pitching staff's "Zone %" (percentage of pitches in the strike zone) and "F-Strike %" (first strike percentage) from 2008 to determine which pitchers may cause rumblings from the fans at Citi Field:

J.J. Putz's numbers look like a fluke, as his F-Strike % and Zone % have been outstanding throughout his career. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Francisco Rodriguez. As anecdotally frustrating as he was, Billy Wagner could come in and throw strikes. Johan Santana had a down year in both statistics, and was still terrific. Hopefully Mets fans will be more patient in 2009, though I fear they won't after 2008's finish.

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