Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 10: Worst Mets losses in 2008

On this gloomy Friday I present the Daily News list of the top 10 worst Mets losses in 2008. Surprisingly the list made me laugh more than it upset me. I attended #7 (1-0 loss to the Nats on May 15), which saw Mike Pelfrey throw 6 no-hit innings and ended in a Carlos Delgado double play line-out. Whatever - it's a new year, new season and I'm confident the Mets will be better in 2009.

The last week or so has seen an explosion of support for signing Manny Ramirez. There's even an online petition to sign him. I've already covered Manny here, so I'll just sum up my stance on him. He is still an outstanding right-handed hitter, but is a total butcher in the field. He's worth about $17-18 million but is looking for $23-25 million (he turned down 2 years, $45 million from the Dodgers). I'm all for the Mets signing him, provided they:

a) Sign Derek Lowe/Ben Sheets first
b) Can get Manny for 2-3 years, $18-19 million a year (highly unlikely)
c) Do not give him a final year option so he can pull the same crap again as he did in '08

Bottom line - Manny is a $25 million hitter but an $18 million player.

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