Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roundup: Mets sign Alex Cora, Johan and the WBC, Mota signs with Dodgers

1) The Mets signed 33 year-old utility man Alex "Joey" Cora to a 1 year, $2 million contract. Who needs Derek Lowe when you've got Alex Cora! Cora is an able fielder at 2B and SS. He's not much at the plate, but posted a career high .371 OBP last season. Expect a line of about .250/.320/.340. Also expect him to be better than Damion Easley or Argenis Reyes. It's an overpay at $2 million, but whatever. Cross this off the list of offseason priorities. The following areas still need to be addressed: starting pitcher, lefty reliever, corner OF.

2) Johan Santana says he will let the Mets decide if he plays in the World Baseball Classic for his native Venezuela in March. Remember he had knee surgery following 2008, so I hope the Mets advise Santana to pass. We'll see if Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez places a call to Omar Minaya about letting Johan play.

3) Former Met reliever Guillermo Mota signed with the Dodgers for 1 year and $2.35 million + incentives. This is an awful, awful signing. Mota posted a FIP of 4.45 and K/BB of 1.79 in 2008. According to the stat WAR, he was worth -$900,000 last year. That's right, he was worse than a replacement pitcher and therefore worth negative $$. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti continues to be one of the worst in the business. Just look at this laundry list of terrible free agent signings: Juan Pierre, Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones. Although he did acquire Manny Ramirez at the deadline last year, and the Hiroki Kuroda signing looks to be a good one.

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