Monday, January 12, 2009

Omar: Say NO to Michael Young

Yet another installment of my "SAY NO" series, it was revealed today that Rangers SS Michael Young has requested/demanded a trade after the team asked him to move to 3B next season. The Mets supposedly had interest in trading for Young last month to play 2B, and I wrote about it here. My stance against acquiring Young has not changed, and here are the reasons why:

1) He is 32 years old and owed $62 million over the next 5 seasons. That's $12+ million a year for a guy guy whose OPS+ has dropped like this:
2005: 138
2006: 107
2007: 106
2008: 96

2) He won a Gold Glove in 2008, but his defense isn't all that great. He's never posted a UZR better than -3.7 since becoming a regular major leaguer, and is a cumulative -22 on the Dewan +/- scale over the last 3 seasons. So that Gold Glove is kind of a sham.

3) A man by the name of Luis Castillo is currently 1st on the Mets depth chart at 2B. He would have to be traded before Young could be acquired. The Rangers have a 26 year-old star named Ian Kinsler manning 2B, so Castillo would not be a fit there.

I don't take this rumor seriously, and highly doubt Omar Minaya is seeking a trade for Young. But just in case - say no to Michael Young.

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