Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mets Geek column: Mets-Jets parallels

Check out my latest Mets Geek column, where I find some parallels between the 2008 Mets and Jets seasons. Here's a snippet:

"Mets: Johan Santana
Jets: Brett Favre (from Week 1 through Week 12)

Both of these superstars came to New York from midwestern teams with significant hype and expectations. Santana was brilliant from Opening Day through game 161. Despite a slight decline in his strikeout and walk rates, he was one of the top two best pitchers in the league along with Tim Lincecum. Favre was an MVP candidate through week 12, as he racked up 20 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. From that point onward, he became the Jets equivalent of Aaron Heilman, Luis Ayala and Scott Schoeneweis rolled into one.

Mets: The bullpen
Jets: Brett Favre (from Week 13 through Week 17)

The Mets bullpen wasn’t the only culprit in late 2008, but it was the biggest. The same can arguably be said of Favre. Yes, the Jets coaching staff made some odd play-calls and the dominant offensive line may have lost a step late in the season, but it’s tough to stay competitive when the quarterback is throwing pick after pick (nine interceptions in the final five games). Omar Minaya has blown up the Mets bullpen this offseason, but it remains to be seen whether or not Brett Favre will be back in 2009. Hopefully he’ll make a quick and definite decision to retire to the quiet life in Mississippi

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