Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mets sign LHP Casey Fossum

The Mets signed journeyman lefty Casey Fossum to a minor-league contract. This signing is not bad as long as Omar Minaya is not planning on handing a major league roster spot to Fossum on Opening Day. He is basically a lefty specialist, evidenced by these splits:

vs. RHB: .845 OPS against
vs. LHB: .722 OPS against

vs. RHB: .920 OPS against
vs. LHB: .674 OPS against

The Mets are paying Scott Schoeneweis $1.6 million next season to pitch for the Diamondbacks. He was a terrific lefty specialist last season (.520 OPS against), so it would be pretty foolish for the Mets to add a LOOGY (lefty one-out guy) to the 'pen after trading Schoew. Who knows, maybe the former 1st round pick Fossum can get his act together in AAA and figure out how to get righties out. Until then, he should not be on the New York Mets 25-man roster.

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