Friday, January 23, 2009

Mets sign backup OF Rob Mackowiak - Why?!

Lefty hitting OF Rob Mackowiak has signed with the Mets on a 1-year minor league deal worth atleast $600K. Mackowiak is yet another crappy corner OF the Mets have acquired or re-signed this offseason along with Jeremy Reed, Cory Sullivan, and Angel Pagan. I don't understand this signing and think it's a total waste of money. Apparently Omar Minaya's philosophy is "Why sign 1 very good corner OF (Adam Dunn) when I can have 4 shitty ones?" That is one crowded OF, with Ryan Church, Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy in the mix. Does Omar realize that a team can only have 25 players on its roster?

Anyways, Mackowiak can play a lot of positions decently and will likely put up a line around .250/.330/.370 if he makes the team. I just don't see where he fits in. I'd have much rather seen the money given to Sullivan and Mackowiak go towards the "Ben Sheets Fund."

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Andrew Vazzano said...

I'm just as confused.