Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ken Davidoff's Hall of Fame Ballot - Brilliant!

Newsday's Ken Davidoff is one of my favorite baseball writers because his work incorporates advanced baseball statistics in such a way that the casual fan can understand and appreciate them. In this manner, he is similar to Joe Posnanski. He keeps an open mind about new ways to evaluate players, unlike the stubborn and close-minded Jon Heyman and Bill Conlin. Davidoff posted his 2009 Hall of Fame ballot and I could not be happier with it. It's nearly identical to mine. He's voting for:

- Bert Blyleven
- Rickey Henderson
- Tim Raines
- Alan Trammell

I'd add Mark McGwire but will not shed a tear if McGwire never makes the HOF. Davidoff's ballot is noteworthy because in past years he voted for Jack Morris and Jim Rice. He correctly removed them this year because in the last 12 months Davidoff gained an understanding of higher-level stats like OPS+ and ERA+. Basically, he took the time to learn about and embrace these better stats rather than stubbornly sticking with RBI, batting average, W-L records and unproveable assertions about players being "most feared" or "most dominant". Bravo Ken Davidoff - the world of baseball journalism needs more writers like yourself.


Mitch said...

Living on Long Island, Newsday is my morning paper. I love Davidoff's writing and am very glad he's our baseball columnist. His analysis is usually always real good.

Mets Tailgate said...

Agreed Mitch - I think Davidoff's the best baseball writer in the tri-state area. I also like Joel Sherman at the NY Post.

I read somewhere that Davidoff, Shaun Powell and Johnette Howard were going to be laid off at Newsday, but so far it hasn't happened. Let's hope Davidoff stays.