Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Short, semi-angry post: Enough with the Manny talk

If I read one more post by a Mets blogger about Manny Ramirez I'm going to scream. Yes, he'd fit in nicely in the Mets lineup and I'd be thrilled to have him. He'd also cost a boatload of money (he already turned down 2 years, $45 million from the Dodgers). As it looks right now, the Mets will not have enough $$ to sign Manny. Enough already.

**EDIT**: An e-mailer asked why I don't think Manny is a realistic option. By my calculation, the Mets payroll is around $125-127 million right now. I'm assuming they will sign Oliver Perez or Ben Sheets (more likely Ollie). That's $135-$137 million. Manny will cost atleast $22 million, which would send the payroll into the range of $160 million. I feel secure in saying that Omar Minaya does not have $160 million to spend on the 2009 Mets.

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