Thursday, December 18, 2008

5th starter option: Tim Redding

The Nationals non-tendered right-handed starting pitcher Tim Redding, and a report from the Denver Post says the Mets have shown some interest. I say go for it. Ideally, the Mets will sign Derek Lowe or Ben Sheets (or even Randy Wolf), and the #5 spot in the rotation will be up for grabs. Jon Niese and Brandon Knight are options from within the organization, but I would prefer the Mets sign a guy like Redding or Odalis Perez to compete for and hopefully win the job. Let's look at Redding:

Redding gets knocked around a bit, evidenced by his HR/9 and LD%. However, his FIP is just fine for a #5 starter. If he could have a performance identical to 2008 next season, Redding would be a nice pickup. I don't anticipate a big-time bidding war for his services, so maybe a 1 year deal for $3-4 million could secure him.

***EDIT***: For more on Redding, check out this FanGraphs post by Eric Seidman. Eric puts Redding's fair market value at $6.5 million. He'll likely end up signing for less.


Mike Newman said...

I'd rather roll the dice on Daniel Cabrera personally.

At any rate, the Nats were idiots for giving Redding up for nothing.

Mitch said...

I'd be fine with the Mets signing Redding to compete for the 5 spot. And I'm sure they'll sign one of this type of pitcher. But I'd love to see Niese to win the 5 spot. Or both pitch so well that we'd have a tough decision.

You mention Sheets as a possibility for the other more important spot, along with Lowe, I would love the Mets to take a chance with Sheets. He is one of the best pitchers in baseball when healthy. Ok, IF and when healthy and it's a big IF. But, I'd love to see the Mets take a shot on him with a 2 yr deal.

Mets Tailgate said...

@ Mike,

I'm interested to see the market for Cabrera. How much do you think it'll take to sign him? Dude is 6'9" 270 lbs., but his K's and velocity are way down. Maybe Dan Warthen can connect with him.

@ Mitch,

I'd love to see Niese win the job too - but, like you, I'd prefer it to be in a competition rather than just handing him the job. I think he could use 1 more year in the minors.

I'm 100% with you on Sheets, especially if they can't get Lowe. Wonder if he'd accept like 2 years, $28 million with a 3rd year option that vests if he pitches a certain number of innings.