Friday, November 14, 2008

RIP Fire Joe Morgan (2005-2008)

A sad day, as one of my favorite blogs, Fire Joe Morgan, is calling it quits. Click here for the post by Ken Tremendous AKA Michael Schur AKA Mose Schrute explaining why.

If I had to choose between "The Office" (the great TV show Schur writes for and executive produces) and FJM, I think I would choose FJM. Unfortunately for us, there is infinitely more money to be made in producing one of the most popular TV shows than writing for a widely read but non-revenue-generating blog.

Nonetheless, Happy Friday.


Andrewdejo said...

I just don't get it. Why now in the middle of the hot stove season? Who is going to share in my agony that the yankees seem to think Nick Swisher can aproximate Mark Texeria because he has "grit"?

Mets Tailgate said...

I'm a fan of Swisher, despite his poor (but unlucky) 2008 season. However, he's not the answer at 1B for an American League team, especially the Yankees. If they stick him in the OF he's a ton more valuable. I think the Yankees will get Teixeira.

Back to Swisher. His 2008 season (.219/.332/.410) is not nearly as bad when you look at it more closely. I think Neyer wrote about him this season and declared Swisher the "unluckiest hitter of the 2008 season" or something. His BB% was about the same as his career %, and he posted the best line-drive % of his career. However, his BABIP was an absurdly low .251. Rule of thumb is add .120 to the line-drive % to get the expected BABIP. In this case, Swisher's LD% is 20.9, meaning his expected BABIP is .329 - far above his actual BABIP.

He was portrayed as kind of an arrogant dude in "Moneyball", and is know for dating famous hot girls. He'll fit right in, in NY.