Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Revised projected Mets 2009 roster

Shortly after the Mets season ended, I posted my offseason recommendations. After thinking about it a little more, and following the offseason developments, I've come up with a revised version of my recommended roster. Here it is, keeping in mind that I think putting together this roster is feasible and fiscally reasonable:

Rotation (5)
1 - Johan Santana
2 - Derek Lowe
3 - Mike Pelfrey
4 - John Maine
5 - Jon Niese/Odalis Perez/Tim Redding

Bullpen (7)
CL - Francisco Rodriguez
J.J. Putz
Pedro Feliciano
Brian Stokes
Sean Green
Duaner Sanchez
Joe Beimel

Starting Lineup (8)
Jose Reyes, SS
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Fernando Tatis, LF
Ryan Church, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B

Bench (5)
Daniel Murphy, LF/2B (platooned with Tatis in LF)
Jeremy Reed, OF
Ramon Castro, C
Nick Evans, OF/1B
Alex Cora/some other reserve middle IF, 2B/SS


Bobby said...

i would be disappointed and surprised if that was the opening day lineup. Even though the lineup wasnt the problem last year i think there needs to be some kind of upgrade here.

With this lineup you have to expect that:

1)Delgado's second half was for real and even though he is a year older he can continue to be a middle of the order hitter

2)Ryan Church will be what we saw in the first half of the season and not the player he was once he returned to the lineup

3)Fernando Tatis can continue to be "superman" at least against lefties

In addition to these 3 (2 with Murphy not Tatis in left) in your lineup you will add Brian Schneider (who makes me long for Paul Lo Duca-even his 2007) and Luis Castillo

I really think that what they need and will aquire is a corner outfielder. I would love for it to be Manny (for 3 or 4 years) and i would be happy with Dunn, but i think it will be Ibanez...this is going to make the lineup even more lefthand heavy and might have to lead to other trades (Church??)

Mets Tailgate said...

Believe me, I think a corner OF acquisition would be great. However, we have to keep in mind the Mets cannot just go out and sign as many free agents as they please with no consequences. Lowe, Fuentes, K-Rod, Dunn, Manny, Cruz, Ibanez - these guys are all Type A Free Agents and the Mets would surrender a top draft pick for each one that they sign.

My preference is a top shelf starting pitcher (Lowe) and Fuentes or K-Rod. Both are Type A. After that, I'd rather sign a solid bullpen guy (Cruz) than Manny, Dunn, or Ibanez. Can you imagine a situation next year when the Mets bullpen shits the bed again, and everyone starts pointing at Omar again for not upgrading in the offseason? Omar is no dummy, he's going to cover his tracks this offseason.

I love Dunn. I would be thrilled to have him in the Mets lineup. I'm torn between the need for a corner OF and help in the bullpen, but in the end I have to say the bullpen gets it. Of course, the Mets could trade for Vazquez or Nate Robertson, sign Randy Wolf (Type B free agent) and sign Dunn. That is all unlikely though.

Additionally, I think the Orlando Hudson talk has died down, thankfully.

As for Schneider, yeah he's no All-Star, but he put up league average numbers for a catcher in 2008. That's all I ask from my catcher. And his 2008 was far better than LoDuca's 2007.

bobby said...

I got caught up with the lineup and didnt comment on the staff at all.

I would be more inclined to keep Perez then to bring in Lowe. This of course does depend on what satan aka Scott Borris will be asking for "one of the top 5 left handers in baseball". I know that Ollie will drive everyone nuts but I still am more inclined to stick with him than sign Lowe.

I would lean more toward K-Rod than Fuentes. While i have my concerns about both K-Rod is younger and i would feel better seeing him toe the mound in the 9th than Fuentes. Also it looks like there arent many teams in on F-Rod right now and the price seems like it could be reasonable, if you can call it that

Rather than sign Cruz i would look to trade for the 8th inning guy. I think that looking at Street (The rockies have in the past had interest in Heilman) would work in the 8th. I would also consider adding chad cordero to the bullpen i assume you could sign him cheap, maybe a one year deal so he can show hes healthy.

I dont have much of a problem with Castillo at second i think that in the right situation (hitting 8th in the lineup) he could have a bounce back year...assuming he can handle the what the venom of the crowd early on.

Mets Tailgate said...

A few things:

1) I should edit my post to say "Brian Fuentes or Francisco Rodriguez", because although I prefer Fuentes, I would be fine with K-Rod as Mets closer (as long as it's not for 5 years, $75 million)

2) Take a look at the numbers for Ollie and Lowe:

2006 - 112.2 IP, 6.55 ERA, 1.75 WHIP, 1.50 K/BB, 1.60 HR/9
2007 - 177 IP, 3.56 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, 2.20 K/BB, 1.12 HR/9
2008 - 194 IP, 4.22 ERA, 1.40 WHIP, 1.71 K/BB, 1.11 HR/9

2006 - 218 IP, 3.63 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, 2.24 K/BB, 0.58 HR/9
2007 - 199.1 IP, 3.88 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, 2.49 K/BB, 0.90 HR/9
2008 - 211 IP, 3.24 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 3.27 K/BB, 0.60 HR/9

Even at age 35, I'd rather have Lowe for the next 3-4 years. Ollie hasn't been all that good or durable in his career.

3) I'm guessing you read that completely ridiculous and unsubstantiated "Street for Heilman" trade on MetsBlog - if you read the MetsBlog post clearly, Cerrone offers no evidence suggesting that Street is available or the Rockies would make that trade. I scoured the Internet, and there is ZERO indication that the Rockies are trying to trade Street. MetsBlog has turned into "Joe from Bensonhurst", as its posts have turned into moronic WFAN callers proposing stupid shot-in-the-dark trades. If the Rockies GM agrees to Street for Heilman, God bless him cause I think he's been drinking too much Coors.

butchhuskey said...

Heilman for Street...THAT'S A ZERO!

I for one would be interested in seeing former St. John's hoops standout Felipe Lopez turn double plays on the Citi Field diamond irrigated by the tears of all its fired employees. "Sources say/Rumour has it" Lopez will only sign if pal Zendon Hamilton is bought on as well. (Similar to the Mike Piazza-Lenny Harris Best Friends package deal of a few years back.)

Mets Tailgate said...

"From what I can gather" from my "sources" the Mets will bring in former Red Storm coaches Fran Fraschilla and Mike Jarvis to woo Felipe and Zendon.

However, I cannot confirm rumors that the Mets plan to sign Erick Barkley and Bootsy Thornton to shore up the bullpen.