Monday, November 10, 2008

Adam Dunn: Free agent steal?

Before everyone freaks out and thinks I'm an advocate of aggressively going after Adam Dunn this offseason, let me say that I'm not. However, if the Mets are still in the market for a LF after taking care of their pitching needs, Dunn might not be a bad option. Here is my case for the big (6'6", 245 lbs.) man:

a) He is ridiculously consistent. Put him down for 40 homers (he's hit EXACTLY 40 homers each season since 2005), 100+ walks, and a line around .240/.380/.520. Those home runs are not cheapo - he led all of baseball in average home run distance this season.
b) He is durable. Since becoming an everyday player in 2002, Dunn has missed just 69 out of a possible 1134 games.
c) For whatever reason, it seems like there's not too much interest in Dunn and his career .899 OPS. For comparison, Mark Teixeira's career OPS is .919. The Mets could sign him for below market value.

To be fair, there are significant negatives to Dunn's game:

a) He is a poor defensive OF. My only remedy is to move him to 1B in 2010 after the Mets presumably cut ties with Carlos Delgado.
b) He strikes out a lot. Some people think this is a big negative. I don't, as long as he puts up great OBP and SLG. In most cases, there is no difference between a strikeout and groundout/fly-out.
c) He has a low BA. For his career, he's batted just .247. Again, I don't think this is a huge problem as long as his OBP and SLG are solid.

Dunn is such a polarizing player - his detractors are always very vocal and have strong opinions about him. (See Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P Ricciardi's comments from this summer) However, I'm a big fan, and would love to see him, his 40 homers, and .380 OBP batting 5th or 6th in the Mets lineup next year.

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Mike Newman said...

Bat Dunn 6th in a good lineup and he's an absolute beast! If the market is light for his services, the Mets should scoop him up without hesitation.