Monday, October 13, 2008

Mets 2008: The Movie

The Mets 2008 season was pretty epic. It had everything: manager and coach firings, washed up players finding new life, rookies making a big impact, a new stadium built, an awful collapse, etc. It would make for one long, over-the-top feature length film. I imagine it being 4 hours in length, and only the most diehard of Met fans would pay money to watch it. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of actors who would play each character in the film. My vision of the film has the season viewed through the eyes of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling. Naturally I picked some of the strongest actors around for these roles. Here goes, with runners-up in parentheses:

Gary Cohen – Kevin Spacey
Keith Hernandez – Daniel Day-Lews
Ron Darling – Robert Downey Jr.
Kevin Burkhardt – Christian Bale

Front Office/Coaching Staff:
Fred Wilpon - Ed Harris
Jeff Wilpon - Matt Dillon
Omar Minaya - a tossup between Terence Howard and Edward James Olmos
Willie Randolph - Ernie Hudson
Jerry Manuel - Don Cheadle
Rick Peterson - Willem Dafoe
Howard Johnson - John C. Reilly
Ken Oberkfell - Wilford Brimley
Luis Agoayo - Erik Estrada

Starting Pitchers:
Johan Santana - Benjamin Bratt (Joaquin Phoenix)
Mike Pelfrey – John Krasinski
John Maine – Ben Foster
Oliver Perez – Lou Diamond Phillips (James Franco)
Pedro Martinez – Jamie Foxx
Jon Niese – Anton Yelchin

Billy Wagner – Aaron Eckhart
Aaron Heilman – Edward Norton (in the toughest, darkest role of the movie; Paul Bettany a close second)
Scott Schoeneweis – Mark Wahlberg (Sean Bean)
Joe Smith – Ryan Gosling
Pedro Feliciano – John Leguizamo
Brian Stokes – Freddie Prinze Jr.
Bobby Parnell – Topher Grace
Nelson Figueroa – Javier Bardem
Luis Ayala – Mario Lopez
Jorge Sosa – Alfonso Ribeiro
Matt Wise – Anthony Edwards

David Wright – Zac Efron (Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Frankie Muniz)
Jose Reyes – T.I.
Luis Castillo – Naveen Andrews
Carlos Delgado – Dennis Haysbert (he played Pedro Cerrano in the "Major League" trilogy, and Delgado is basically a lefty Cerrano)
Ramon Martinez – Bobby Cannavale
Argenis Reyes – Jay Hernandez
Damion Easley – Kirk Acevedo

Brian Schneider – Josh Lucas
Ramon Castro – Jorge Garcia (Fat Joe)
Robinson Cancel – Jimmy Smits

Carlos Beltran – Michael Pena
Ryan Church – Matthew Fox
Fernando Tatis – Daniel Sunjata
Daniel Murphy – Shia LeBouf
Nick Evans – Justin Long
Endy Chavez – Wilmer Valderrama
Marlon Anderson – Harold Perrineau

Jimmy Rollins – Mos Def
Chase Utley – Josh Hartnett
Ryan Howard – Derek Luke
Charlie Manuel – Terry O’Quinn (Gene Hackman, Donald Sutherland runners-up)
Tom Glavine – Guy Pearce
Chipper Jones – Brendan Fraser
Lastings Milledge - Lil' Wayne

Budget for the film will be upwards of $250 million, mostly comprised of the actors’ salaries. No title yet, but I’m thinking “The Departed”, because the ending is similar to the 2006 Best Picture winner. Feel free to comment on good choices, bad choices, or suggestions for roles.


Ellie said...

I LOLed at Zac Efron playing David Wright. But it would work with the girls

Conor Pewarski said...

Lil' Wayne as Lastings Milledge.

Mike Newman said...

Funny stuff!

Don't movies usually have a happy ending though? This flick is Constant Gardener depressing!

Andrewdejo said...

I actually like Cheadle as Willie and Eddie Murphy as Jerry M.

Also Heilman=Heath Ledger (too soon?)

Andrewdejo said...

Actually you could just have Eddie Murphy play every role in the movie.

Mets Tailgate said...

Movie title:

"The Nutty Professor 3: The Wilpons"

Also, I like Lil Wayne as Lastings Milledge. I briefly considered casting Milledge as himself, as I'm not sure any actor could do him justice. LW would come damn close.

And Zac Efron as D-Wright would definitely attract the High School Musical crowd. Maybe somehow Miley Cyrus could be cast (as Paul LoDuca's girlfriend??)