Friday, October 17, 2008

Manny wants to get paid

In a post to his blog, Adam Rubin of the Daily News writes:

"Free agent-to-be Manny Ramirez said his 2009 employer will be determined by the best financial offer. “I want to see who is the highest bidder,” Ramirez bluntly said. “The (price of) gas is up, so I’m up,” he added with a laugh.

He later quipped: “I’m looking for a seven-year deal. I want Alex money,” refering to A-Rod. Asked how old he’d be at the end of a seven-year deal, Ramirez gleefully added: “Forty-three.”"

While I applaud Manny for being honest about what he's truly looking for ($$$$$$$$$), I am still torn if I want him on the Mets. Yes, even a Manny unmotivated by his contract year will still be good for .300/.380/.550 and 35 HR. However, he is a butcher in the field (Dewan's +/- system rated him the worst OF in baseball from 2005-2007 by a wide margin), and will likely require a 5-6 year commitment. Even a 41 year old Manny will probably go .280/.350/.500, but he will be an unmoving object in the OF by then.

To reiterate what I outlined in my offseason recommendations, if the Mets could sign Manny to a 3-4 year contract at $15-18 million a year, I wouldn't be opposed. However, he wants (and will undoubtedly receive) too many years and just too much money. If he doesn't wind up with the Mets, let's hope he doesn't sign in the NL or, God forbid, with the Phillies.


Conor said...

Seems like your fear is that Manny will be a good hitter, but poor fielder in his last few years in the L.

Sounds like a better fit for an AL team where Manny can be DH?

Mike Newman said...

Manny is just being Manny. He's always been a weird guy. No way he gets those years at his age. If he keeps talking like this, he will scare off suitors and this whole thing will backfire.