Monday, October 27, 2008

Manny Acta-o'-lantern

Check out this jack-o'-lantern carved to resemble Nationals manager and former Mets coach Manny Acta. (via Amazin' Avenue) Pretty good work by the carver right? Making posts like this one is all I can do to take my mind off of the World Series that's about to be won down I-95.

I remember attending a Mets-Expos game in early 2003 when Acta was 3rd base coach for the Expos. I had pretty good seats, right behind 3rd base, and an annoying fat man sitting behind me screamed "ACTA!" about every 2 minutes when the Expos were up at bat. The Mets won 4-0, and David Cone notched his final career win that freezing cold night. Mo Vaughn led the offense, going 3-4 with a HR.

More stats posts to come in the near future, I promise.


Anonymous said...


the world series is pretty fucking interesting (for retarded reasons). and i'm relying on reading for coverage and commentary.

you think you could post some more detailed posts about the series?

c'mon man.

Mets Tailgate said...


Unfortunately, this isn't my full time job, so I can't really find the time/desire to make worthwhile posts about the Phillies. If the Mets were in the Series I'd probably be making 5 posts a day, despite my real job.

When the Series is over, I plan to post my thoughts.

One tidbit: how frustrating is it to see Cole Hamels dominate the Brewers, Dodgers, and Rays after he had a 6.00 ERA vs. the Mets in 12 IP this season? Yes, small sample size (in both cases) but still.

Also, Philly fans should be nervous about the impact all these innings Hamels is pitching will have on his arm. Here are his IP totals the last 2 seasons, including playoffs:
2007: 190
2008: 262.1 (and counting - YIKES) Keep in mind he is just 24 years old.

Dawn said...

gotta figure out how to get paid for this blog...

Mets Tailgate said...


Thanks again for the kind words. I get enough satisfaction from writing my thoughts on the Mets and baseball in general, so no pay is necessary. We've got a strong following of readers here, and I appreciate it.