Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free agents for the Mets to consider

Over the coming week, I will take a look at free agents the Mets should look into this offseason. You can see a complete list of available free agents for the 2009 season listed here. The following are players I think the Mets should atleast consider:

Second Base:
Mark Ellis
Orlando Hudson

Bobby Abreu
Milton Bradley

Adam Dunn - (let the uproar begin; pre-emptively I'll tell you I don't think the Mets should seriously pursue him)
Raul Ibanez
Manny Ramirez
Juan Rivera

Starting Pitchers:
Jon Garland
Derek Lowe
Carl Pavano - (JUST JOKING!)
Oliver Perez
C.C. Sabathia
Randy Wolf

Relief Pitchers:
Jeremy Affeldt
Luis Ayala
Joe Beimel
Juan Cruz
Brian Fuentes
Will Ohman
Darren Oliver
Francisco Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

my opinion is that relievers are never worth it.

who is a reliable middle reliever?

they're all washed up or failed starters who don't have a place in the bigs.

i wish starting pithers would just go the distance so we didn't haven't to worry about relievers messing up games like happened so many times this eyar.

Mets Tailgate said...

I agree that finding solid middle relief is among the toughest tasks for a GM. It's often a crapshoot from year to year (but not as big a crapshoot as the playoffs), as guys who were dominant one year turn into a bunch of Mel Rojas's the next (and vice versa - see Heath Bell, Aaron Heilman, Manny Corpas and bunch of others). However, there are a few free agents available that have performed solidly in middle relief for a large enough sample size that I would declare them a safe bet.

Something must be done to address the bullpen fiasco this offseason. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I'm going to post my suggestions for the lineup, rotation, and bullpen, respectively. I'll give you a preview: I will not be recommending breaking the bank for a certain closer who's nickname rhymes with A-Rod...

Mike Newman said...

Let me try this again...I already tried to post once.

I left a response to your comment on my blog explaining how it could work.

I like your FA list, but there are a few players you left out including Lyon and Burrell. I think they may both wind up being two bargains on the market and would allow the Mets to do a few other things.

I saw the swipe at Dunn too. He would be a dominating force in the 6 hole for the Mets. He's not a 4 hole hitter and his strengths would fit perfectly into the current Mets lineup.