Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 18 Game Thoughts: Mets 7 - Nationals 2

In Johan We Trust. Johan Santana pitched the Mets to a series split with the Nats, and the offense showed up for the 2nd time in a row after taking a snooze the first 2 games. Here are your game thoughts:

- Santana has been brilliant all season. His reputation as a 2nd half pitcher is well documented, and this year is no different. If the season ended today, he would have to come in 2nd to Tim Lincecum for the Cy Young Award. However, Johan has 2 huge starts left. A couple dominant performances could push him over the top, although Lincecum will be pretty tough to beat.

- What got into Brian Schneider tonight? A pregame visit to Old Glory on M St. in DC? He has 9 HR overall now, and 3 at Nationals Park. His OPS is a respectable .726, and his FRAA is +9 (meaning he's been pretty valuable in the field). For what it's worth, his OPS since August 1 is .945.

- I'd like to see Daniel Murphy in left field the rest of the season. Nick Evans hits great against lefties, but Murphy is no slouch vs. them either: 11 PA, .500/.545/.875 (RIDICULOUSLY small sample size). Murphy was on base 3 times tonight.

- Jose Reyes is now 62/77 SB this year, for a 81% success rate. This is acceptable. His career rate is about 80%. At some point he's going to lose a step, and have to rely on technique if he wants to continue to be an elite base stealer. That won't be for awhile though.
(***EDIT***: A reader who is a better stat checker than I pointed out that Reyes was 51/66 in SB attempts following this game, for a 77% success rate. I'm not sure how I messed that up, but thank you for keeping a watchful eye. I appreciate any feedback, especially regarding mistakes.)

I'm always nervous whenever the Mets play in Atlanta. Things always seem to go poorly down there. However, they will be facing the "happy to be in the major leagues" trio of Jo-Jo Reyes, Jorge Campillo, and James Parr this weekend. To be fair, Parr has looked solid during his September callup, but gave up 10 hits in 4.1 IP on Tuesday vs. the Phillies.

As much as the Mets have struggled this last week or so, the Brewers are tanking even worse. They pulled a Red Sox in 1986 Game 6, losing in extra innings to the Cubs after being up 6-2 with 2 outs, nobody on in the bottom of the 9th. That, and Ben Sheets is hurt.


apollo goldfarb said...

After the Mets 7-2 win over the Nats, Jose Reyes had stolen 51 bases in 66 attempts, not 62/77. As of today, he now has 52 SB and 15 CS.

That's 77.6%.

James K. said...

Thank you for catching the mistake apollo. I'm not sure why I wrote 62/77. I encourage readers to let me know of any factual mistakes. See the edited post, and thanks for having an eagle eye.