Monday, September 22, 2008

Mets September playlist

I took about 15 minutes on the train ride this morning to come up with a September Mets playlist. I'm sure there are many other fitting songs for this team, but these are the best that I had on my iPod:

1. 'Til I Collapse, by Eminem
2. Panic, by The Smiths
4. Say it Ain't So, by Weezer
5. Streets of Philadelphia, by Bruce Springsteen
6. Oops, I Did it [collapsed] Again, by Britney Spears
7. Loser, by Beck
8. Nice Guys Finish Last, by Green Day
9. The End of the Line, by the Traveling Wilburys
10. Help!, by the Beatles
11. Running on Empty, by Jackson Browne
13. Sound of Silence, by Simon & Garfunkel
14. Don't Go Breaking My Heart, by Elton John
15. Killing Me Softly, by the Fugees
- and, last but not least -
16. Enter Sandman, by Metallica featuring BILLY WAGNER

Again, I came up with these songs in about 15 minutes. Feel free to suggest some other appropriate songs for the soundtrack of the Mets' annual collapse.

1 comment:

peachy said...

"Oops I did it again"... a vital component of any playlist. Especially when the rest of the playlist could be titled "Songs to Slit My Wrists To." Cheer up, they haven't blown it yet.