Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 26 Game Thoughts: Marlins 6 - Mets 1

Did this game really just happen? Is this a team fighting and scraping for its playoff life? Jose Reyes: 0-5, game ending double play. Hanley Ramirez: 4-5, 2 SB, 3 R.

Brewers win.

Phillies win.

Mets lose.

Mets are 2 games back of the Phillies, 1 game back of the Brewers. Ben Sheets and C.C. Sabathia are set to pitch the Brewers' final games. Johan Santana pitches tomorrow. Good night.


Conor Pewarski said...
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James K. said...

Great point Conor. Despite the Dodgers strong play in the 2nd half, the Cubs would almost assuredly rather play them over the Mets.

The Cubs played their "A" Team last night, starting Derek Lee, Geovany Soto, Aramis Ramirez, Jim Edmonds and Alfonso Soriano. However, today all of those 5 are on the bench. Daryl Ward and his .699 OPS is batting cleanup.

As Met fans, we shouldn't complain too much though. The Cubs lineup Thursday night was pretty weak, and they held off on using Carlos Marmol or Kerry Wood too. We can only hope Micah Hoffpauir, Reed Johnson, and Mike Fontenot can put up some crooked numbers vs. Ben Sheets today.