Friday, August 15, 2008

About Mets Tailgate

1. What is this blog all about?

I will write mostly statistically-minded posts about the Mets, covering stats which casual fans may not understand/appreciate (though they really should). Some of these stats include: OPS+, FIP, ERA+, WAR, and also the more recognizable BA/OBP/SLG. Additionally, I will write Mets top 10 lists, trade analysis, and general thoughts about the players, announcers, front office etc.

2. There are so many other (better) Mets blogs out there. Why should I read this?

Matt Cerrone’s METSBLOG has set the standard for Internet-based Mets reporting. AMAZIN' AVENUE is a great statistically-oriented Mets blog. I also write a weekly column for the excellent site METSGEEK. METSTRADAMUS is a funny blog. Read here for objective statistical analysis that isn't available at most other Mets blogs.

3. Why is it called “New York Mets Tailgate?”

I like tailgating at Mets games and there isn't another Mets blog called Mets Tailgate. Good enough for me.

(these people are having a grand old time at their Mets tailgate)

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